We Forgot Our Past

Jun 15, 2012 4:25 am - Posted by

Culture is lost,
We forgot our past,
Only faint memories at most.
Of when we played in the fields,
And the light our steels cast.
Of swords and shields,
Clenched by our fist,
Now lost in the Myst.

And of our spirit friends?
What has thou to say?
The spirit of the trees
And the rivers which flowed
So free.
And the elves and the trolls
And the faeries of old.
Now only in legends are told.

These things all were real
As you and me here…
To interact and to feel
And some our most worthy
To the death we fought side by side
And sometimes against, like great champions.

Now they all seem to hide.
At least from our sight.
But indeed they still remain
Humans just wandered off
From the great Mother…Nature
We are out of our domain
That we will return there is no doubt
When that time will be remains to be seen.

- CorpseFilth